About Us


  Xiamen Biotime Biotechnology Co., Ltd. is a high-tech enterprise specializing in the development, production, and sales of POCT in vitro diagnostic reagents. It has a scientific research team led by a doctor with foreign education background, composed of dozens of master and doctoral talents, and a senior management team composed of senior talents from various fields with more than 20 years of industry experience. At present, the total number of employees in the company is more than 6000. In just a few years, the company's performance has doubled year by year. In 2017, the company made a leap in enlarging its annual production scale above the standard from its below. In 2018, it was rated as one of the top 20 enterprises with the most comprehensive strength in China's POCT industry. Biotime has been recognized by more than 20 achievement awards, such as National High-tech Enterprise, Leading New R&D Institution, Small Giant in Science and Technology, High-growth Enterprise in the Field of Industry and Information Technology, Small and Medium-sized Enterprise "with Specialization, Refinement, Characteristic and Novelty,” and Xiamen City Health Brand Enterprise. It has obtained capital assistance and completed the pre-A round of financing of RMB 30 million yuan.

    The company focuses on the research of POCT precision medical rapid diagnosis technology. The technology platform covers colloidal gold, fluorescence immunochromatography, high-performance liquid chromatography, mass spectrometry, electrochemistry, light-induced chemiluminescence, coagulation, Raman, molecular POCT, and other precision diagnosis technologies. It has obtained more than 50 core independent intellectual property rights. It has developed more than 60 rapid diagnostic reagents and instruments for maternal and infant health, inflammation, hormone, cardiac muscle, thyroid function, tumor series etc. All of these have qualified for the registration certificates for medical devices. Among them, 10 products such as progesterone are the first of their kind in China, and more than 35 products have obtained CE certification. In addition, Biotime takes Northwest University as the scientific research practice base and has carried out long-term cooperation and innovation with Sandford-Burham Medical Research Institute, Xiamen University, Third Institute of Oceanography, MNR, all of which are industry and national-level research institutions. At the same time, Biotime committed to the integration of the upstream and downstream of industrial chains and independently sets up a raw material development platform, which can monitor the source of core raw materials for the diagnostic reagents to ensure the stability of materials, improve product quality and continuously enhance the market competitiveness.

    With the outbreak of COVID-19 in the world in 2020, the company has responded rapidly and independently developed a number of virus detection kits, which have been approved by FDA EUA, CE, MHRA, Russia, Brazil, Ukraine, Philippines, Thailand, Ecuador, and other countries, besides, we conducts performance verification in foreign authoritative institutions and got brilliant evaluation results from Barts Health in UK, Amiens University Medical Center in France, HUSLAB Diagnostic Center in Finland, etc. The products have been sent to the worldwide to help fight against the COVID-19 epidemic with their excellent quality. In addition, Biotime has a strong ability to integrate the resources of supply chain and a strict system to control product quality. Biotime daily production capacity has been rapidly increased by hundreds times in just few months relying on the colloidal gold platform developed by the COVID-19 products, which has formed a Chinese manufacturing base effect, and Biotime will embark on a dual-track development way of independent brand and OEM production in the near future.


Pragmatic and innovative; Making science and technology serve health.


Boosting the dream of China and becoming a leading POCT enterprise in CHINA


Quality is originated from speciality and service accomplishes the future

Core Value

1.Integrity and perseverance:  to treat people sincerely and to do things with perseverance. 2.High Efficiency:  to give a top priority to the important things and to keep promises that made. 3.Workmanship: studiousness, devotion and innovation.

4.Teamwork: to stick together through thick and thin to overcome any difficulties.  5.Win-win: to be open and inclusive for win-win cooperation. 6.Surpassing: to surpass commerce and embrace the future.

Brand Symbol and Cultural Spirit

Four hearts represent the spiritual core of the Biotime people

Enhancing Staff’s Happiness Sense: the original aspiration of the enterprise is to improve the sense of happiness of staff while developing the enterprise (it includes both the material and spiritual satisfaction) Boosting the realization of Chinese Dream: following the historical background of rejuvenation of Chinese Nation, making  contributions to nation's medical andhealth services and boosting the realization of Chinese Dream! Improving People’s Health: with the conscience of medical professionals, the company will make contributions to improving people’s health. 

Product Quality: being studious and devoted to providing high quality products Customer-Oriented Concept: observing the tenet of improving the values of customers in a new concept. Pursuing Excellence: keeping improving in terms of product R&D and corporate governance with free mind and constant innovation.

Cultural Confidence: by building the corporate culture and core values, the company shall gather a panel of employees and customers with the same value concept and devotion spirit; by passing on the culture, the corporate will be thriving and last permanently. Corporate Confidence: by realizing and surpassing the goals set for every stage, the company shall optimize and improve the ability to make things right. National Confidence: with the cultural confidence and corporate confidence, the company shall break the limit of business and create values for the industry, society and the country to set up confidence in global market.

Love our family
Love our enterprise
Love our country

Company History


Biotime has got many registration certificates including FDA(EUA), CE, MHRA, Russia, Ukraine, Brazil, Philippines, Ecuador, Chile and Honduras, etc, and products have been sold into more than 40 countries.

Started to develop raw materials

Started to develop photo-excited CLIA

Subsidiary corporation-Biotime MS was established in Jan 2018

Completed 30 million RMB PreA+round finacing 

International business department was established in Sep 2017

Sex hormone products including 3 in 1 (FSH/LH/PRL) were sold on China market

FIA products(Cardiac, Pregnancy and Inflammatory) were sold on China market


Obtained "Medical Device Production License"


Obtained the member unit of "Xiamen Medical Device Association".


The registration place was changed from Huli District to Haicang District and settled in Zhongcang Industrial Park.

 Established in 2008